Oz Carabiner

Our lightest carabiner, engineered with an optimized geometry and the keylock benefits of our HoodWire Technology.Read More
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Designed with an optimized shape and the snag-free benefits of our HoodWire Technology, the 1-ounce, hot-forged Black Diamond Oz is still the best way to lighten your rack. A patent-pending stainless steel wire hood brings keylock functionality to wiregate carabiners without losing the lightweight and anti-freezing benefits. And thanks to the Oz's new geometry, it holds strong as the lightest carabiner in our line.


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Gate Opening:

22 mm (0.86 in)

Minor Axis Strength:

7 kN (1,574 lbf)

Open Gate Strength:

7 kN (1,574 lbf)

Closed Gate Strength:

20 kN (4,496 lbf)


28 g (1 oz)


  • Hot-forged construction
  • Patent-pending stainless steel wire hood design for snag-free keylock functionality
  • Same size and clip-ability as the Neutrino, but 8 grams lighter
  • Does not freeze up in alpine conditions