Climb the circuit

A bouldering circuit is a cornerstone for any devout climber. A litmus test for progression, a practice of repetition. A meditation. At its core, a bouldering circuit is about movement, from hold to hold, one problem to the next. The Black Diamond Circuit Collection is built for this unencumbered pursuit on the blocs, providing the gear you need, from the ground up.

Carlo's Camp 4 Circuit

Since the 1930’s Yosemite Valley’s Camp 4 has been the epicenter of climbing. Though best known as a launching pad for the world’s biggest granite walls, Camp 4 itself is also home to America’s most iconic boulder problems. BD Athlete Carlo Traversi has been climbing in the Valley for over a decade and has recently turned his focus to these historic blocs. But before journeying into the physical unknown on futuristic lines, Carlo begins his day by completing his own Camp 4 Circuit. Join Carlo on a tour through the classic boulders of Camp 4.