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Lucy Stirling

Embrace Change Fearlessly

Lucy Stirling, our fearless Black Diamond athlete, showcases her journey from competitive climbing to outdoor exploration in the film 'A New Line.' As we celebrate International Women's Day, Lucy's story embodies resilience and determination. In a recent Q&A, she urges viewers to embrace change fearlessly, drawing inspiration from trailblazers like Angie Scarth-Johnson and Carlie LeBreton. Lucy's message on this special day is one of gratitude to the women who inspire her and encouragement for others to forge their own paths in climbing and beyond.

In Conversation

Congratulations on your film, ‘A New Line’. We hear it was played for the first time at the Vertical Life Climbing Film Festival late last year across the nation. Can you share something about this film with us?

Nathan Mc’Neil and I were so excited to release our film late last year. It captures the process of shifting focus away from comp climbing which is something I’ve held a lot of my own value, purpose and self worth in for 15years, and toward outdoor climbing goals.

What’s one thing that you hope viewers can take away from watching your film?

The doubts and expectations about making a big decision are similar to that of when you find a new climb to project, there are so many doubts mixed in with excitement and expectation and it can seem unclear, but when you focus on shutting out the barriers in our mind that hold us back, realise where our passion lies and just let go, we can see a clear path forward and just go for it.

Role models often play a significant role in shaping our aspirations and guiding us on our journey. Can you share with us who has been a source of inspiration or a role model for you in your career?

I have always greatly respected Angie Scarth-Johnson and Carlie LeBreton and the life they lead following their passions and representing women in sport.

Representation and inclusivity in sports have become increasingly important topics. How do you see the landscape changing for women in climbing, and what steps do you believe can be taken to encourage more women to pursue the sport?

I believe encouraging and giving equal opportunity to women from a young age within the sport and industry incredibly important. As the sport grows within Australia and around the world, more people will be exposed to the sport from a young age and it’s important that everyone within the climbing industry create safe and encouraging spaces and work environments for women, so we see equal gender representation in the industry.

Women's Day is about celebrating the achievements and contributions of women worldwide. What message would you like to share with fellow female athletes or aspiring athletes on this special day?

To all the women that lift me up, inspire and encourage me every day, thank you for not only pushing through limits, boundaries and your own obstacles but encouraging and paving the way for us to follow and find our own path.

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