Black Diamond Equipment, in cooperation with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and Sea to Summit, is voluntarily recalling its Black Diamond branded avalanche transceivers.

Affected models are the Black Diamond branded Recon BT and Guide BT avalanche transceivers.

This voluntary product recall follows a previous Safety Check Notice when Black Diamond first identified an issue in April 2022.

The reason for the voluntary recall is related to a material handling / assembly anomaly in manufacturing which results in the avalanche transceiver not being able to switch into SEARCH mode. If this were to occur in the field, the user would potentially be unable to locate a buried victim, which could result in a prolonged burial, and possible injury or death of the victim.

Consumers who own one of these avalanche transceivers should immediately stop using it and perform a safety check to verify if the device is affected.

Black Diamond requests that you perform a mode verification (following the below instructions) to verify that the device switches from SEND to SEARCH mode properly. If it turns out that a mode is not working properly, the affected device should no longer be used and must be returned immediately to Black Diamond for repair or replacement free of charge. We recommend you follow best practices and always check both SEND and SEARCH functions on your safety device prior to each use.

Left to Right: Black Diamond Recon BT, Black Diamond Guide BT

Additional information for consumers – the Product codes are as follows:

Black Diamond Recon BT: BD1510020000ALL1 BD Recon Bt Beacon

Black Diamond Guide BT: BD1510010000ALL1 BD Guide Bt Beacon

Step 1

Please follow the respective steps for your avalanche transceiver:

Mode verification instructions

Black Diamond Guide BT / Black Diamond Recon BT

1. Move the slider lock to the left and the mode slider upwards in the position SEARCH. 

2. Make sure the SEARCH symbol (- -) appears on the display 

3. Move the slider downwards, until it locks in position SEND 

4. Make sure the SEND symbol (X) appears on the display 

5. Move the slider lock to the left and the mode slider downwards in the position OFF

6. Make sure that beacon is turned off

7. If switching between the modes is not possible, please enter your details below and we will contact you

Additionally, you can perform a device check via the Black Diamond App.

1. To activate Bluetooth press MARK button while switching on beacon. As soon as the Bluetooth symbol is shown on the display, the MARK button can be released

2. Make sure Bluetooth is activated on your phone. Open the Black Diamond App on your phone and click on “Connect Bluetooth Device” 

3. Select your device 

4. Go to Device Check, press start and follow the instructions

5. Make sure the device check result shows “OK” 

6. If the device check is negative, please enter your details below and we will contact you

Step 2

If your device check is negative, please complete the form below and we will be in contact for a remedy.


The overarching root cause for all affected beacon issues has been narrowed to a material handling / assembly anomaly in manufacturing. Below are the details on the specific issues.

Black Diamond Recon, Black Diamond Guide: These beacons use a series of magnetic reed switches that switch the beacon into SEARCH mode. We’ve identified an issue in manufacturing where the reed switches could be damaged. If this were to occur, it could result in the beacon not being able to switch into SEARCH mode

We are taking this issue very seriously and want to ensure that we are transparent about what’s happening, acting quickly and as precisely as possible, and responding to our community’s concerns. We’re actively working toward a solution by focusing on the following three priorities and work is going around the clock:

Internal Product Investigation:

Based on our regular review of all warrantied / returned units, we identified an electronic component failure that appeared at a greater frequency than expected in the above listed beacons.  Although the number of affected units was small, this triggered our internal investigation where the root cause was narrowed to a material handling / assembly anomaly in manufacturing.

We have pulled all current inventory and are performing a thorough inspection, including testing every single unit before placing them into the marketplace.

We have worked with our manufacturer(s) to identify and correct the material handling / assembly issue and are confident that this issue has been resolved.

We have confirmed that this issue is limited to the above listed Black Diamond branded beacons. 

Voluntary Recall & Repair / Replace:

In coordination with the ACCC and Sea to Summit, we have issued a voluntary recall in Australia and urge you to follow the instructions to check if you have an affected unit. We are working to repair or replace all affected beacons as quickly as possible. If you do not feel comfortable checking your own beacon, send it in and we will check it for you.

All affected units sent in will be replaced or repaired free of charge.

In conjunction with our usual practice, Sea to Summit notified ACCC and are currently in regular communication with them as our internal investigation continues.


It is our goal to communicate all information as quickly and precisely as possible. We will continue to provide updated information and answer all questions in real time.

A device check (following the instructions on this webpage) will show if the beacon is transitioning correctly from SEND to SEARCH Mode. We recommend you follow best practices and always check both SEND and SEARCH functions on your safety device prior to each use.

No, that is how it is meant to work. The switch will not lock into Search position. This design feature allows the beacon to be switched rapidly back into Send mode in case of a secondary avalanche scenario.

For more information or to submit a warranty claim, please visit the following:

If you have any further questions or require any assistance, please contact us Monday through Friday on (08) 9221 6617 or email Sea to Summit at