Samuel Gullifer

I started climbing in 2016 when I started high school in year 7. As I wandered into our school's small, old school bouldering cave, little did I know how much climbing would come to shape my future. Friday afternoons is when our school's climbing club would run, but after a year of this I needed more, so I signed up for the Hardrock Youth Squad, and it was this squad that really started to shape me as a climber and my love of climbing outside.

The next stage of my climbing life saw solid lead climbing sessions surrounded by psyched, strong and inspiring people, as I started to make the more regular pilgrimage to the Grampians to climb on some of the world’s greatest rock. Since then, my love of sport climbing has been met by a love of bouldering, as I feel these two disciplines complement each other cohesively.

Currently I am 20 years old, feeling as good as I ever have on rock, still pushing myself in the realms of sport and bouldering, whilst simultaneously route setting and training indoors. Isn't climbing just the best?